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The AMO is a not-for-profit Swiss based Association that owns and operates the Zeus Team and Zeus GOC software for multi-sport organisations.

Plus 1% Portal – Adhoc Questions included on Agreements

Latest update to the Portal includes the ability to include Adhoc Question to be part of your agreements.

This means you can ask specific questions as part of your agreement with team members.

The Portal Guide has been adjusted to reflect the new functionality and can be found here

Plus 1% Portal Goes Live

The AMO are please to announce the release of the new Plus 1% Portal. This new feature provides Administrators with a purpose built tool for the collection of information directly from potential team members. The how-to guide for the Portal can be found here.

The AMO is now working on a new feature in the portal, My Team. This feature will replace the current My Team tool on the My Zeus panel.

Once this new feature is implemented it will open the way for the removal of the My Zeus and My Team functionality from the Zeus Team tool. All data collection will then be managed via the new Zeus Portal.