‪Adhoc Questions‬

Plus 1% has a significant number of predefined data fields that are part of the core data architecture. However, our experience tells us that Organising Committees often ask for additional information. In addition, team administrators are often asked for biographical, medical and sports specific information that can vary from Games to Games.

The Adhoc Question writer has been designed to enable administrators to design, collect and manage additional data fields that are not part of the core database. In the section you can learn how to set up Adhoc Questions such as:

 Sport Specific Questions

  • Developing your own sport specific questions for each sport
  • Carrying a question over from one Games to another
  • Performance and qualification information, personal bests and historical records
  • Equipment information, eg. gun and ammunition, Horse and Horse Owner details
  • Playing partners, personal coaches

Biographical Questions

  • Create your own biographical questions, carry questions from one games to another
  • Coach, club, other sports, likes, dislikes, personal interests etc

Health & Anti-doping

  • Create your own medical questions
  • Personal health history, current health issues
  • Doping control issues, TUE’s, ATUE’