Adhoc Questions on XML feed

You can add an adhoc question into an XML Get Command which will give your public website access to the adhoc question and the associated answer. For example, you might ask your team members the adhoc question: What is your favorite movie? This question and the associated answer can be included on the XML feed. Your developers can then pick this data up and place it into a biography for that team member.

Add an adhoc question to an XML feed

  1. Simply tick the Include in XML Feed in the question you want to include on the XML Feed.

XML Data Feed

In your XML Data Feed you use the GetAdHocDetails Get Command.

When the above Get Command is invoked correctly it will return the adhoc question and data for selected team member.

The data can be found in the team members dialog box in the location of the adhoc question. In the example above the question is position on the Bio tab