‪Creating Adhoc Groups‬

When creating Adhoc questions, each question must belong to a ‘Group’.  An Adhoc Group will appear as an accordion in the section (tab) that the question is placed.  You may want to think about the ‘groups’ that will be appropriate for each category (Biographical, Medical, Sport) prior to the development of the questions. Some standard groups include the following: 


Biographical: Personal Interests, Family Background

Travel: Visas, Immunizations

Medical: Health History, Current Health Status, Vaccinations/ Immunizations, Allergies, Medications

Sport-Specific: About Me, Season Highlights, Career Highlights

 Learn how to create Adhoc groups by following the screen steps below:

  1. Click on top ‘System’ Menu and the Adhoc
  2. New Adhoc Questions can be created by clicking on the Add Question
  3. Existing Adhoc Questions can be viewed by using the filters
  4. Adhoc Questions can be Games Specific, Mulit-Games, by Games Type and across All Games. Only the questions visible for this Games will be displayed. To see a Games specific question then you must change Games and be in the Games concerned.
  5. Adhoc Groups will appear on the table and are created in Games Set-up > Code Tables
  6. Select ‘Adhoc Group’ from the dropdown box.
  7. Once you have selected ‘Adhoc Group’ you can click ‘+Add Item’.

Seeing the Group in the Dialog Box

Under Team Search, the Adhoc Group will appear in the Section (Tab) it is assigned to and the questions under that Group will appear in the dropdown.