Selection Questions


Generally used internally to manage athletes through the selection and qualification process fields can be designed to assist in capturing data critical in the selection process such as;

  • Eligibility Conditions
  • Team Member Contracts Signed and Returned
  • Qualification 
  • Medical Data Returned

1. Click top menu ‘Admin’.

2. Click side menu ‘Adhoc’.

3. Select the section as -Team -Admin Selection

4. Click ‘+Add Question’.

  • The Adhoc Question Administration page will appear.
  • Select the format of the question, whether it will be games specific and/or sport specific and what functions and genders will answer the question.
  • Tick whatever boxes you deem appropriate.
  • Insert the text of your question
  • Click ‘Save’

The question is now saved to the appropriate Section and Games

Where The Question Will Appear

Where The Question Will Appear

  • The Question will appear in the section you saved it!
  • If you search for a contact under Games- Team Search, then go to Admin, the question will appear under ‘Selection’
  • As an administrator/official/team manager you are responsible for selection questions, not the athletes.