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Sport Specific

Each sport has its own unique data fields that Organising Committees often request. Often required for the submission of entries examples of sport specific information that might be collected includes;

  • Performance and Qualification Data
  • Personal Best and Season Best Performances
  • Historical Records and Achievements
  • Specialized Equipment and Licences e.g. gun licences, cycling licences, boxing licenceS
  • Horse and Horse Owner Information
  • Playing Partner
  • Personal Coach

Adding a Sport-Specific Question

Adding a Sport-Specific Question

Click top menu ‘Admin’

Click side menu ‘Adhoc’

Select the Team-Personal Sport Questions’ from the Section dropdown box

Click ‘+Add Question’

1. Select the ‘Group’ from the dropdown box where the question will appear.

2. Select the ‘Format’ of the question (i.e. text, numerical)

3. Tick if the question will be Games Specific

4. Since the question will be Sport Specific, tick the box and then select the sport from the dropdown box. If if applies to more than 1 sport use ‘multi-select’

1. Specifiy which team member functions will answer the question

2. Specifiy if the question will be gender specific

3. Put in a number for the display order

4. Tick any of the boxes that are relevant for the question

5. Type the text of the question (be sure it is concise and easy to understand)

6. Click ‘Save’