Contact Merge

The Contact Merge Tool gives users the ability to merge duplicate records together.

Finding Duplicate Contacts

The Contact Merge Tool can be found under the Admin top menu.

  1. By simply clicking the Search, Plus1% will return all contacts in the database with matched first and last contact names. It will also return the full name, if this has been populated, primary email and date of birth fields if these have also been populated. This gives you a quick view of all the records with the same name. It does NOT mean these are all duplicate entries. You can also search by name. In the event that you have a duplicate entry but the first name and last name have different spelling, then simply edit one of the records to reflect the name of the other duplicate record. These names will then appear on the list (Tip – it would be best to move both records names to being the correct record at this stage).
  2. You then select the records to be merged with the tick boxes. Then click the Get Details button
  3. The details for both records will then appear

Viewing the Records to be Merged

  1. Records can be expanded by clicking the arrow and opening the accordion. The two records and the data associated with each record is then returned.
  2. You will also be able to identify any Games the contact has been included into.
  3. By opening the drop-down headings the data will be visible. You decide which data to keep. In the example above more data has been entered in the left-hand record (Mr and General Manager in the salutation and occupation fields) and it will be kept in the new merged record by clicking the Keep tick box.

** Important Note – There are 2 mandatory fields – Contact Name and Sites

*** Very Important Note – if you do not select a field it will not be included in the new merged record. The data will be deleted and lost. For example, if you do not select the phone number from either record then the new merged record will have NO phone number and both phone numbers will be deleted and lost. There is no ability to recover the data once the records have been merged!

Once you have selected all the fields to be merged click the merge button and a new merged record will be created and the 2 duplicate records will cease to exist. You cannot undo this operation.

Selecting Fields to Merge