‪System: Code Tables‬

System Code Tables is an advanced feature that allows you to customize a number of dropboxes in Zeus where personal and contact details are stored.

You can Add, Edit, or Delete the difference Address Type options that are in your system (related to a individuals Contact Maintenance)

You can Add, Edit, Delete the various Adhoc Groups (in which the Adhoc Questions that you create for a specific Games appear in).

You can Create, Edit, Delete Administration Groups. (These are assigned and appear in Games>Team>Admin and are used for larger teams and effective in assisting with reports).

Bed Types are standard at Standard and Long (related to Accomodation). You may Add, Edit, or Delete these as well.

You can Add, Edit or Delete various Contact Groups. Using Contact Groups is useful when trying to organize information within your CGA/NOC and in reports.

Disability Types can be Added, Edited and Deleted for Parasport.

Document Type is what they use for Accreditation purposes. Most of the time it would be a passport but you would also be able to add other types such as a Driver’s License.

Contacts may have other email types (as options in their Contact details.

In a Team Member’s personal details, there is a dropdown box for them to include their Marital Status (i.e. Single, Married, Divorced). Create the options list in this System Table

You may wish to organize the various Organistions you have added into Groups. Add, Edit. Delete Organisational Groups here.

Outfitting Allocation Status:

Phone Type: The various phone numbers for a contact (including home, work mobile etc.)

Rate Card Item:

Record Type: Standardized by the master system

Relationship: Refers to one contact’s relationship to another (i.e. an agent or personal trainer)

Role: Refers to a contact’s position with an organisation (i.e. President, Key Contact)

Room Type: Refers to the type of room in Housing (i.e. is it a single, double or triple room? Your team may have other options).

Room Use: You may have different uses for the room other than to sleep as a bedroom. Room Use may include Office, Storage, Social).

Salutation: The various options for addressing a contact/team member such as Mr. Mrs. Dr. Ms. Dame etc.


Transport Mode: The options for which team members can travel (i.e. Train, Airplane, Bus, Automobile).