‪System Preferences‬

System Preferences relates to a lot of ‘backhouse’ information and structuring. Once it is set-up the way you wish, it will rarely need to be changed.

The first section relates to your Systems Settings. You are able to customize a number of things

Max Logins Attempts: This is the number of times a user can try to login before they are locked out of the system (Somewhere between 3-5 is appropriate). 
    Passwords Expiry After: Relates to the number of days that a user’s password is active. 
    System Generated Password Forced Change: 
    Password expiry goes straight to change Password: If this box is ticked, then when the password is expired, the system will automatically take the user to the change password screen
    Items Per Page: 
    Admin Email: The email address that is used by the system when emails are sent to users
    Login Consent: You can generate a login consent that users must agree to PRIOR to logging into the system 
    Passive Consent:
    My Games on Login: When this box is ticked, system users will see the ‘My Games’ screen upon logging in and must select the Games they want to enter. 
    Organisation Name: This will be your CGA (e.g. Bermuda Olympic Association)
    Organisation Identifier: The 3-letter country code that CGF uses (also part of the URL for your system) 
    Country: The country that any dropdown list will automatically default to
    DOB Lock-out:

Front Page Settings
    Use Front Page: 
    Max News Items:
    Max Galleries:

Contact Settings:
    SMS Phone Types: The system allows you to send text messages to your contacts. These tickboxes determine what type of phone you wish to send the text message to.

The Team Quick Entry Settings are the fields that are included on the Team Quick Entry Page (when adding a Team Member). The less boxes ticked , the less fields will appear on the page. It will depend on what information you believe to be important to obtain.

Profile Settings:

Team List Settings:

Travel Settings: When dealing with team members travel, they are able to request changes by email if you tick the email requests box. If you choose this option, a default email address needs to be set.

Luggage Dimension and Weight Unit should remain in centimetres and kilograms