‪Adding Results with no Competition Schedule‬

This page explains how to enter athlete results into Zeus when there is no competition schedule.

Before entering any results into Zeus athletes must hold a selection status of “Selected” and they MUST be entered into their event or into a team that is entered into an event.

Step 1 – Search for Your Athlete and Find the Event Screen

Step 1 - Search for Your Athlete and Find the Event Screen

Click on the athlete you want to enter results for and go into their record.

Click on the left hand menu Admin and then go to the Events tab (1). The event should already be there. If not then please click on the links above “Entering Athletes into Individual Events” and Entering Athletes Into Team Events”.

You will see a medal icon (2) in the screen shot above – this is where results are stored for both individual events and team events. Click on the medal icon.

Step 2 – Adding Results

Step 2 - Adding Results

This section allows you to add in all the phase results for the event. To add a phase click on the “Add Item” (2) link. In the above example the athlete is entered into the Athletics 100m – women event and we are entering the heat results.

You now add in all the details for the phase of the event. It important to tick the “Competing” check box. This form is a standard for and covers all possible events at a multi-sport event.

Attached below is the suggested standard for entering results into Zeus you should follow. The more details entered the richer your data will be. For example if this was a team sport result you could enter the half time scores and the goal scorers.

For team events, you only need to enter the data for one athlete and all the athletes in the team will receive the results.

Once the phase results is entered you can then add more phases for this event e.g. semi-finals, finals. Where the phase is a medal phase for the event i.e. a final, you should tick the check box “Medal Phase”.

Final Result and Position in Field

Final Result and Position in Field

Once you have entered all the phases for the event you can then add in the final position and size of the field (3) and if the athlete won a medal.