‪Reports‬ & Bulk Change

Building reports is an integral feature of Plus 1%. Essentially, when a report is created, the information that you have uploaded into the database can be downloaded into a .csv or .xml file – effectively an Excel spreadsheet. The system allows you to extract the information and use it according to administrators needs.

In this section you can learn how to build numerous reports that are available in Plus 1% including:

  • Contact – name, phone number, address details, grouping, sub group and adhoc questions
  • Team – Personal details, Passport details, Sport, and all required Accreditation information (i.e. category, designation etc).
  • Games – Historical Games Results and access data across all Games.
  • Schedule – Competition Schedule for a Games.
  • Outfitting – Measurements, Garment Sizes & Kitbag for team members, size order for uniform manufacturers.
  • Housing – housing allocation for each team member and can make for a smooth arrivals into the village.
  • Travel – Arrivals & Departures including flights, dates and times, mode of travel, excess luggage.
  • Admin – Security reports including who is logging into Zeus, system users, lock-outs, the last date they accessed the system, permissions