AQEBUF ( A Quick Entry Bulk Upload Form) is a way of ‘uploading’ bulk information into Plus1% at one time, on one page. While Reports download what’s already in Plus1% to be extracted, AQEBUF is an ‘upload’. For example, if you have passport information to enter into Plus1% on numerous team members, you can do so all on one page instead of going into EACH individual team member. AQEBUF is efficient and quick when used correctly.


To learn how to use the AQEBUF feature follow the screen steps below:

Creating an AQEBUF

Creating an AQEBUF

Click on top menu ‘Reports’.

Click on side menu ‘AQEBUF writer’.

Click on ‘Team’

Select an AQEBUF Type (Only option being Team)

Similar to a report, you will see all the possible fields in which you can select in the AQEBUF.

You will notice that for some of the fields, the options of: Display, Entry, Sort, and Group are greyed out. This means the option to do any of those is removed.

  • Choose the fields that you want to input information. (I.e. in this example the AdminGroup/Postion represents a combined field for fast allocation of AdminGroup and Position for all chosen team members in one drop down field).
  • Tick ‘Entry’ which enable the data to be changed and saved in bulk.
  • You may also want to display other fields and sort and/or group them similar to how you would do a report.

In the example above the AQEBUF will produce a Form with the first name, last name and then the adhoc question relating to employment only for Table Tennis and Tennis team members. You could add in additional filters such as selection status and function if this was an athlete only question. The resulting form is will be produced when you Preview it.

A new pop-up window will appear.

You will then see, all information relating to the form created for each team member.

If you have grouped or sorted by a certain field you will also be able to see this. For example, you could group the team members by sport.

Once you’ve made changes, scroll to either the top right OR bottom right corner and click Save.

The page will reload, and display ‘AQEBUF Changed Saved’.

    1. Once you have made changes and save them, you MUST EXIT THE PAGE and re-open the AQEBUF to make any additional changes. If you try to continue on the same page after you have made amendments, they will NOT save!
    2. The AQEBUF times out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Saving an AQEBUF template

Saving an AQEBUF template

To save an AQEBUF (to avoid having to re-create them each time):

1. Click ‘Save As’.

2. Pop- up Window will appear. Input an AQEBUF name and description.

3. Click Save.

The AQEBUF will now appear on the Quick Entry page.