‪Filtering a Report‬

 The ability to ‘filter’ a report so that it returns VERY specific information is ideal when you have a lot of information in Zeus but only require certain data. You may choose to  filter by a number of different fields as well as filters. For example, you may only want to have a report with expired passports, or UK passports. Perhaps you only want to see Squash athletes, or team members with the same last name. Filtering your report allows you to do ALL THIS AND MORE without using Excel.

Learn how to filter a report by following the screen steps below:

To filter a report, first find the report by using Quick Reports(link) or Admin>Reports.

Once all the fields are displayed of that report template, you may scroll across the page until you find ‘Filter’ (after Page Break). 
    The first dropdown box will give a maximum of eight(8) ‘filters’ that you can choose from depending on what information you want the report to return:

  • = will return EXACT information entered into the search (e.g. only return passport names that = ‘Grant’)
  • < > will return a RANGE of information (usually used with dates)
  • “Like’ will return similar information entered into the search
  • Begins With & Ends With are self explanatory. If you would like passport numbers that only begin with 612, you would use begins with AND 612
  • Not Like will return anything BUT what you have entered into the search
  • No Data and Has Data are self explanatory.

The second dropdown box determines has two options of ‘And’ & ‘Or’, depending what details you are looking for in your report.

If the last box is empty, you will enter the details of information that you want the filter to return.

If there is a small calendar icon beside the filter box, this means that field relates to a date.

If you would like to filter your data by date, click on the small icon, and a popup window will appear with a calendar. Select the date and close.

If there is a dropdown box in the filter box, you must select one (or multi) options from that field.

As seen in the above example, if we were to filter by sport, you would select the sport from the dropdown box OR if you would like to choose more than one sport you would use the multi-select box.