‪Team Reports‬

  • Team Reports are one of the most commonly used features in Zeus. The fields that are displayed in team reports all relate to a team member’s contact, personal and games information including their sport and accreditation details.
  • These reports can be useful for the Chef De Mission and Team Managers of each sport as well as support staff
  • Creating a team report also assists with the Accreditation process and submission.

Learn how to create a ‘Team’ Report by following the screen steps below:

Starting a Team Report

Starting a Team Report

Click top menu ‘Admin’.

Click left side menu ‘Reports’

Click on ‘Team’.

Select a ‘Report Type’ from the dropdown box (in this case a ‘Team’ report).

All the possible fields are related to a Team Member’s Contact, Personal and Games-related details. These fields also include anything related to Accreditation details. 
    To create the report, follow the same steps in the previous lesson of building a ‘Contact’ report.

In the above example, the report being created contains some passport details and the sport in which the team member participates in.

Previewing the Report

Previewing the Report

Once the screen has reloaded, hold down ‘CTRL” and click Preview at the same time. 
    The new report with the passport details and sport will appear. 
    (Because the sport field was ‘grouped’ all those team members participating in the same sport will appear as a group)

If you want to extract the report (download into Microsoft Office Excel), follow the steps in the previous lesson.