‪Rooming Arrangements‬

One of the complexities that administrators of a multi-sport team must manage is room allocations. The Organising Committee is generally obliged to provide sufficient beds, rooms, apartments or houses for the exact size of your delegation. On some occasions you might be required to ‘hot-bed’ where athletes who have competed must leave and the bed is then given to athletes who arrive for their competition. The responsibility for allocating the beds, rooms and houses to teams members rests with the team administrator. The challenge of allocating beds, rooms and apartments to your sports has a number of complexities some of which include:

  • keeping sports together when the numbers do not match the room configurations
  • deciding on whether athletes and officials should room together
  • making sure young athletes are appropriately supervised and monitored
  • ensuring the gender mix is appropriate
  • managing rotation of staff, athletes and ‘hot-bedding’

The Housing module will assist administrators manage their room arrangements including:

  • Managing multiple Villages/Hotels allocations
  • Manage total Room nights
  • Spare bed management
  • Long beds, special needs
  • Room arrivals / departures
  • Customised reports