+1% User Guide

The International Zone is managed by Association of Multi-Sport Organisations (AMO) and is the help and knowledge centre for systems administrators of the Athlete Data Management System known as Plus 1% Team and Plus 1% Portal. The AMO is a not-for-profit membership based association and the owner of the Plus 1% Team and Plus 1% Portal software systems.

The International Zone is a resource that is constantly being updated with advice, guidance, tips and good practices for the community of Plus 1% users. If you have a particular subject you would like to see added or improved them please contact the Plus 1% Team at info@amo-sport.com.

If you want more information about the AMO, how to become a Member of the community or would like to inquire about licencing the Plus 1% Team from the AMO then please refer to the AMO’s website at www.plus1percent.com.