Team Agreements

Zeus enables the online signing of team agreements and other agreements that team members may be required to sign. It is critically important that legal advise regarding legalities of online agreements in your country is obtained, as processes and legal requirements can be very different from one country to another country.

Multiple agreements can be built and each agreement includes the option for the team member to download a pdf of the file. Additional questions can also be added to the signature area for team members to accept.

Once a team member clicks ‘I Accept the Terms of the Agreement’ they can not return and unselect it, the agreement is signed. If an amendment is made then a ‘new’ agreement will need to be published and resigned electronically.

Creating Team Agreements

Creating Team Agreements
  1. Click top header ‘ Agreement Builder’
  2. Click ‘Add Agreement’
  3. Add ‘Agreement Title’
  4. Click drop down to select which ‘Function’ will complete the agreement (If you want all team members to see you can leave use Select All or None Selected)
  5. Click drop down to select which ‘Sport/Function’ will complete the agreement (If you want all team members to see you can leave use Select All or None Selected)
  6. Add ‘Agreement Text’
  7. Click ‘Is Active’
  8. Click ‘Upload’, in the pop up navigate to pdf document on your computer and press Open
  9. Click ‘ Save’

IMPORTANT: The uploaded document must be in pdf format. It should also recommended that the PDF document is locked so it cannot be copied.

Editing Agreements

Editing Agreements

Once created all agreements will be listed on this page which can be accessed by clicking ‘Agreement Builder’ in the top header.  From this view they can be edited or deleted.

  1. Click ‘Edit’ to modify the agreement
  2. Click ‘Delete’ to remove the agreement

Adding Adhoc Questions to Agreements

Adding Adhoc Questions to Agreements
  1. To add or edit adhoc questions in an Agreement click the ‘Add/Edit’ link

Adding the Adhoc Question

Adding the Adhoc Question
  1. Use the ‘>’ to the right to scroll to the adhoc section where you created your question
  2. Click directly on the ‘Adhoc Section’ to populate the list of questions below
  3. Click on the ‘Question’ and it will appear in the center of the screen when it is added to the agreement
  4. Click ‘Save’
  5. To remove the question click the ‘X’

IMPORTANT: The process for creating these adhoc questions is the same as other adhoc question (See Adhoc Questions). It is recommend that they are created under the Adhoc Section – Games Teams with the Adhoc Group called ‘Agreement Conditions’.  It is important that the adhoc questions are ‘Games Specific’

IMPORTANT: Zeus Team Adhoc Questions can have a number of filters applied eg limit by gender, HOWEVER, these filters will NOT apply when an adhoc question is added to a legal agreement. This is to ensure there are no legal implications relating to what is visable on the page because each page could have different adhoc questions depending on the filters applied. If you want to add a specific adhoc question for a specific group eg all athletes in swimming, then create a legal agreement allocated to this group in the portal and put any necessary adhoc questions into this agreement.  

How the Question Displays

How the Question Displays

1. The Adhoc Question will appear at the bottom of the Agreement

Viewing Agreements

Viewing Agreements

Once the agreement(s) is saved and ‘is active’ team members can access them by click the ‘Team Agreements’ in the left hand panel.

  1. In the example there are 3 Agreements visible for signing – up to 4 Agreements can be included.

Not Displaying Team Agreement

Not Displaying Team Agreement

To remove the Team Agreement from the left hand panel:

  1. Click ‘ Agreement Builder’ top admin panel
  2. Untick ‘Show Agreement’
  3. Click ‘Save’