Bulk Update

Bulk update allows you to change a lot of information at one time within the Accreditation Module. For example, if you have added your long list of team members without a category or designation, you can use bulk update to change them OR change their Selection status from Long List to ‘Selected’ (once they have been confirmed as part of your delegation). 

Updating Fields for Multiple Team Members at Once

To save time you can update the various fields for multiple team members at the same time. There are 2 ways in which this can be done on the above page.

Method 1

  1. Choose the ‘Fields’ from the drop downs beside each Team Member that you want to change eg move the athlete from long list to selected or withdrawn.
  2. Click ‘ Update All’ to save

Method 2

3.     Click on Bulk Change and a window will pop open with the fileds you can update all records on the screen with. Please note this is a very powerful tool that can change all the data in a single click so you must be sure when using this tool that you are changing the correct data as it is not possible to reverse the changes with a back click.

4.   Use the dropdowns to re-assign the fields to the people – in the example above the selection status, accreditaion category and accreditaion designation will all be changed for the 3 people on the list when the save button is clicked.