Case Study – Glasgow App

Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) hold a unique position amongst the various Games stakeholders – they are the ‘owners’ of their team. As such are the ultimate authority on matters relating to their team. In this case study we examine how the AMO, 6 CGAs and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) came together to design, build, manage and successfully deliver a Glasgow 2014 Team app.

The concept of a Zeus App was first discussed at the CGFs General Assembly in Kampala in late 2012 amongst a small group of CGAs. It took some time for the concept to gain traction and in late 2013 two CGAs and the CGF took the lead and decided to proceed with the project as others continued to make up their minds.


The purpose of developing a team app was to enable a CGA to leverage their data and to promote their athletes to their fans and media forums. This in turn would build brand value, loyalty and create a value added connection to their fan base.  It introduced the opportunity for sponsorship and to bring their social media channels together. By undertaking a cooperative project the stakeholders sought to reduce their risks on a project that any one CGA on its own would struggle to deliver. As a general observation most multi-sport organisations do not have the resources, technical expertise or understanding of data complexities to deliver such a project, yet the expectations from their fans is to have access to such services.  

Project Overview

A project team was formed and it was agreed that the app would:

  • have unique biographical data on each athlete that is not available to other media agencies
  • provide live results data for your CGAs athletes
  • provide up to date competition schedules
  • provide the latest medal table updates
  • have integrate a CGAs social media feeds into a hub
  • be unique for each CGA but runs off the same software platform
  • have a look and provide information that is CGA specific;
  • require limited hands-on day-to-day management
  • attracted the public and fans in support of the CGAs team
  • have the ability to promote sponsors.