‪Stock on Hand Report

The Stock-On-Hand Report allows you to pull on to the screen outfitting data a template report that enables you to reconcile and prepare uniform orders. You can see the uniform sizes for each garment and to filter reports and assign Outfitting Allocations Status.    

Getting Data onto the Screen

  1. Under Outfitting the first tab is Stock on Hand
  2. Select the Wardrobe
  3. Choose an Outfit
  4. Select a Garment
  5. Filter by Selection Status and Outfitting Allocation Status to remove names
  6. You can breakdown the data by Discipline or by Sport. This means you can see people in Swimming (Discipline) or by Aquatics (Sport). If you use discipline it might mean a person appears twice eg Track Cycling, Road Cycling
  7. Click Search to return data
  8. Data by Sport Discipline in the example will appear and a + symbol will appear next to the sport enabling you to see a break down on how the summary data is compiled.
  9. You can change the Outfitting Allocation Status which will then remove team members if the filter is on and the changed status is not one of the filters

In the example above the Female Polo Shirt indicates that 2 extra small, 2 small and 2 medium sizes have been selected by the athletes on the long list. If the long list is too long and has too many people then it can be reduced by allocating people into different Outfitting Allocation Status. The summary data can be extracted into excel and used to order the uniform sizes for each Garment.