Update / Edit Data Fields

Once you search for a contact and there name is in the list from the Team Search you click on their name and a dialog box will open.

Dialog Box and Tabs

  1. Click on the team members name and the Dialog Box will open with the the various tabs or cards where all the data for this person is stored
  2. Each tab / card is labeled to guide you to where the data is located
  3. Click on each tab / card to disclose the headings or accordions on each tab, if you then click on an accordion the data fields will be exposed.

Exposing the Data Fields

  1. Inside an accordion data can be edited or added and saved by clicking on the save button
  2. Once data is save an other accordion can be open by clicking on the down triangle
  3. To close the dialog box click on the close button

The principals above apply to all the other tabs / cards except travel and housing as these data fields are managed from the travel and housing modules.