Cloning allows you to ‘copy’ a Wardrobe from one Games to another. This means you do not have to re-create the Wardrobe, Outfits, Garments and re-enter the sizes every single time. This is very beneficial for those CGAs who generally give their team delegations the same articles of clothing for the various Games. You can also follow the same steps if you want to clone just a particular Outfit or Garment.

Learn how to clone a Wardrobe by following the screen steps below:

To Clone a Wardrobe

To Clone a Wardrobe

Click on Top Menu ‘Games’.

Click on Left Menu ‘Outfitting’, then click ‘Wardobe’.

The name of the Wardrobe will appear along with 3 small icons ‘Outfits’, ‘Clone’ and ‘Delete’.

Once you click on ‘Clone’, a new pop-up box will appear.

Select the Games from the dropdown box which you want the Wardrobe to appear (e.g. select 2014 Nanjing Games means the 2014 Glasgow Wardrobe will now appear in Nanjing).

Tick the box to include size selections in the Wardrobe (this means you do not have to re-enter them manually in the new Wardrobe).

Then press Save.

Once the clone has been saved, you will be required to exit that page and return to the ‘My Games’ Page (on your Zeus Panel on the right).

Select the Games you have cloned to (e.g. I had selected 2014 Nanjing from the dropdown box in the previous step).

Once you have entered the Games, click on top menu ‘Games’, left menu ‘Outfitting’ and then ‘Wardrobe’

The cloned Wardrobe will appear.

To edit the name of the Wardrobe so that it reads in the appropriate Games, simply click on the blue title of the wardrobe.

Change the name of the Wardrobe.

If applicable, select the Sport/Discipline from the dropdown box.

Then press ‘Save’.

After pressing ‘Save’, your new Wardrobe will appear. It will consist of all the Outfits from the original Wardrobe. You may be required to change the names of the Outfits as well. To do this:

Click on the ‘Outfits’ icon (small t-shirt).

You will see that the Outfit is still titled ‘Glasgow Clothing’.

Click on the Outfit to change the name.

Change the Outfit Name.

Then press ‘Save’.