My Team

Collecting data from athletes and officials across multiple sports can be very challenging for multi-sport administrators with data often submitted in different formats, incomplete, configured incorrectly or late. The My Team tool in the Portal enables Team Leader / Manager to quickly view their team members and add, edit or check their data. Data is presented and collected in a standard format no matter which Games you are managing. Each Games has its own Form design meaning different data can be collected for each Games and can be very useful if you are running two Games at the same time with different data requirements. My Team can be found on the right hand side of the main menu bar once logged in to the Portal and permission has been grant to access it.  


Setting up the Form

The first step is to set-up the My Team Form. When the Sport Team Leader / Manager or person from the National Sport Federation is given access to My Team, they can view the athletes and officials data submitted or can enter data directly via a Form. This Form can be the same Form that team members have completed using Personal Details or you can design a different form, depending on the data you wish to collect.

  1. Form management is undertaken in the Team Form Builder. This section manages both the Personal Details Form and the My Team Forms and is found in the Portal Menu.
  2. All published My Team Forms can be seen from the list of Forms. A Form can be published to both Personal Details and My Team or you can have a separate form for each.  
  3. Forms can be published, unpublished, deleted and edited from the Settings tool.
  4. There can only ever be one active Form at a time. In the example above there is only one active Form for Personal Details and one active Form for My Team.
  5. Forms can be created from this page. See the page Managing Forms for details on how to build a Form.


Configuring Access to My Team

  1. Click on Portal and then My Team
  2. The database can be searched and the person you want to give access to My Team found. There are a number of filters available to assist finding the person
  3. The Team Leader / Manager will appear on the list and it will indicate if they already have access to My Team
  4. Click the tick box and the access filter selection drop boxes will disappear appear and new access limits will appear
  5. This is where you can also remove access to My Team
  6. You MUST select all of the filters for My Team to work, in the example you would select the Sport of Athletics and all the Functions and all the Teams. This will enable the Athletics Official to see all the people in the sport of Athletics in the My Team tool in the Portal.

Limiting Access to a Sport(s), Team(s) and Function(s)

  1. The Team Leader / Manager or National Sport Federation administrator is then assigned to the sport they will be able to access. You can multi-select sports** or choose all sports. **Please Note: It is critical that the correct sport is selected for the person. If, for example, you give access to Athletics and Badminton then the person will see all the data associated with all the athletes and officials in both these sports.
  2. You can then also choose to limit access by Function / Teams by choosing the appropriate Function or Team from the drop down. You can multi-select or select all for both drop downs
  3. Once you choose to limit by one of these options all dropdowns* must be completed for the limits to function correctly. The “Select All” option is available to make this a simple task. For example if you wanted to grant access to all members of Archery you would select Archery for Sport and Select All from the Function & Team. To limit to all Officials you would choose Select All from Sport and Team then just Officials from Function. *Please Note: If you do not have any Teams loaded you do not need to complete the Team drop down for the Limit to to work.

Emailing out Access Details to Team Leaders / Managers and National Sport Federation Administrators

Once you have completed configuring the My Team access in the above step it is now time to advise your Team Leaders / Managers and National Sport Federation Administrators via email. Within the Portal there is a single place to communicate via email and each email includes that users access details and links to the Portal.

To view step by step instructions on how to use the email tool to complete this step please follow this link

Viewing My Team

Viewing My Team

  1. My Team is now visible to the Team Leader / Manager or National Sport Federation administrator from the Portal
  2. They can filter by name or sport or simply click search to return all athletes  and officials in their team
  3. Click on the Name to reveal the data Form

Viewing the Data for a Team Member

Viewing the Data for a Team Member

Data can be added, edited or checked for each member of the team. Accreditation photos and passport scans can be uploaded and all the necessary data collected.

Use the back button at the top of the page to return to your list of Team Members.