Plus1% Terminology

Plus1% seeks to provide a standardised terminology across all the multi-sport Games for NOCs, NPCs, CGAs and other multi-sport organisations.  There is often no systematic approach to the terminology used in multi-sport Games and database management. Terminology is often left to volunteers and staff to determine.  As staff and volunteers change and the process varies from one Games to another and multiple databases are created for each Games the organisation losses the knowledge and common understanding of the standard terms used when managing data.

Plus1% looks to provide multi-sport administrators with a standarised set of terms so when we come together the terminology we talk is consistent and we can all “speak the same language.”


  • ACCREDITATION: This is the term used by Organising Committees and Administrators for registering and providng an “accreditation pass” to access venues and facilities at a Games.
  • ACCREDITATION DESIGNATION: The games specific title that the OC assigns to accredited team members such as Athlete, Chef de Mission, General Team Manager, Team Official, President, Guest,etc. These terms are decided upon by the Organsing Committee and maybe different to the terms used by your organisation. For example the OC may use the Chief Medical Officer whereas for your own internal use this person maybe your Lead Doctor. This field can be found under the Accreditation Tab on the dialog box.
  • ACCREDITATION CATEGORY:  The games specific grouping code that the OC assigned to accredited team members for example Aa, Ac, Ao, CGA, G, etc. These are defined by the OC. This field can be found under the Accreditation Tab on the dialog box.
  • ACCESS: Used to manage access to venues where the OC requires advice on the rights. For example some Officials might be given “ALL VENUE” access, this fields enable this access right to be managed using the Access field.  This field can be found under the Accreditation Tab on the dialog box.
  • ADMIN GROUP: This is an important field in Plus1% that allows you to group team members together not related to sport. For example your Mission Staff or Headquarters personal are not allocated to a sport and can be group together using this feature. It works in conjunction with POSITION and both these fields can be found on the Selection Tab in the dialog box. Health Professionals is another example and the position might be Doctor or Massage Therapist. Admin Group can be used as a filter on the team search page and when building reports.
  • ADMINISTRATOR: Refers to the person whom is administering Plus1% and access to rights to the systems tables.
  • AWARDS: Used to recognise an achievement or service to the community in any area, such as the arts, charity or education and are recognised with letters after a persons name like CBE to recognise the award “Commander of the Order of the British Empire”
  • CONTACT ROLE: Once contacts are associated with an organisation you can define their role within that organisation. This field is helpful when emailing groups of people in organisations for example the Head of a group of Organisations like your National Sport Organisations.
  • DIALOG BOX – TEAM MEMBER: When you search for a team member and then click on their name a window open with their data. This window is known as a dialog box.
  • DIALOG BOX – CONTACT: When you search a contact and click on their name a window opens which is referred to as a dialog box.
  • FUNCTION: The games specific function used to define team members.  Team Members must be assigned a function for each Games,  it is a mandatory field when adding a team member. This field cannot be changed or edited and is limited to Athlete, Official, NOC/CGA, Media, Volunteer or Other
  • GARMENT: The specific piece of clothing. Polo Shirt, Tshirt, Raincoat, Tracksuit, Socks, etc
  • GARMENT TYPE: The grouping of garments. Accessories, Bottoms, Hat, Jacket, Shoes, Socks, Tops
  • MEASUREMENT: Relates to measurements of the body such as hips, waist, neck.
  • OUTFIT: The specific group of garments that the team members will receive. Leisure Wear, Parade Uniform
  • OUTFITTING LEVEL: Used when different groups of people will receive unique and different garments such as Health Professionals, Sport Team Managers, Board Members, Sponsors who may all receive different garments to those of the athletes.  
  • POSITION: The games specific title that a CGA gives to individuals in a Games Team.  Position is link to admin group to help the CGA define people who are not associated with a specific sport.  Chief Medical Doctor, Head of Physio, CGA Support, Chef de Mission, GTM
  • SELECTION STATUS:  A compulsory field when adding team members to your team. It enables you to define where the team members is in the selection process. Team Members should not be removed from the team list, they simple are allocated a selection status that enables you to filter them off the lists. Examples of selection status can be Long List, Selected, Reserve, Withdrawn.
  • SPORT: Created by the AMO and allocated to each of the subscribed Games eg Aquatics, Cycling, Gymnastics
  • SPORT/DISCIPLINE: Created by AMO and allocated to each Games. Ie. Cycling – Track, Cycling  Road, Cycling BMX, Aquatics  Swimming, Aquatics  Diving, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics
  • TEAM: Associated with a Sport/Discipline a Team is any 2 team members that will be competing together in an event. Team sports such as Hockey, Rugby, Basketball are teams but also included in the term Team is a 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay in Swimming and a Mixed Doubles in Tennis. Teams san be defined as Men, Women, Mixed or Open. For clarification, a mixed team has an equal number of men and women such as a mixed double Table Tennis pair but Open means there is no gender balance. Examples of open teams are in Equestrian 3 day team event and in some sailing classes.  
  • WARDROBE: The entire collection of clothing the team members will receive