Updating Sport, Teams & Events

In this section find out how to manage the allocation of sports, events and teams to athletes. Please note that any 2 athletes that compete together in an event must be in a team. The Team is added into that event which means all athletes in the team will be entered into the event saving time. This also applies to results which are added to the team meaning all athletes will received the result of the team they are entered into. When events are created Plus1% knows if the event is a team event or an individual event. Before adding an athlete into a team or individual event they must be in a sport.

Adding Athletes into a Sport

Once you search for a team member open the dialog box:

  1. Click on the name and the dialog box will pop open for the person
  2. Click on tab for ‘Sport’
  3. Click on the Sport Accordion
  4. Click ‘Maintain Sports/Discipline’
  5. Tick or untick the sports accordingly
  6. Click ‘Save’

IMPORTANT: You must do ‘Sport’ before ‘Team’ or ‘Event’

Defining Sport & Events

Defining Sport & Events

  1. The list of sports and events for each Games can be found under Games Setup and is set at the master level.  Should the list not be populate or if you find an error please contact info@amo-sport.com and advise the name of the Games and provide the list of sports and events and this will be added to all sites attending this Games
  2. Click on Edit to disclose the list of Events for each sport

Event List

Creating Teams

Creating Teams

Adding Athletes to Teams

Teams must be created at the local level and are often used to helping searching.  Ie. Hockey – Men & Hockey – Women. Team are also essential when adding in results.

  1. Click ‘Games’ top tab
  2. Click ‘Games Set-Up’
  3. Click ‘Teams’ tab
  4. To add click ‘+Add Team’, enter the team name and select the sport and choose the team gender. Please note that Mixed means it MUST have both genders eg Tennis Mixed Doubles. Open means it could be of either gender. Equestrian Eventing Team is the best example where the team of athletes can be of any gender – eg a team of men can compete against a team of women and a team might also have a mixture of men and women.  
  5. To edit click ‘Pairs’
  6. To delete click ‘X’ (Not recommended)
  7. Now you have created the team you will add the team into an event. Zeus will know all the events that your team can enter so the list will be limited.
  8. Now you have create a team in an event, you can enter the teams final results and this result will be allocated to all the athletes in the team.

To allocate an athlete into the team, go back to the athlete and follow step one above.