Editing Contact Details

Find Existing Contact

  1. Click ‘Contact’ top tab
  2. Type any part of name in ‘Contact Name’ field
  3. Click ‘Search’
  4. Click directly on contact name

By clicking on the name it will then open the dialog box where 3 tabs will be visible

Updating Contact Details in the Dialog Box

  1. There are 3 tabs for a contact – Contact, Person and History
  2. Under the Contacts tab you can open any of the accordions by clicking on the heading or downward facing arrow
  3. In the example, the email accordion is open showing all the email addresses. To edit an email, click the edit button, to add click the add button and save the data.

Updating Personal Details (ie. DOB, Gender, Height, etc)

The ‘Personal’ tab is where details related to things that are unique to people are held (ie. DOB, gender, height, etc)

  1. Click left tab ‘Personal’
  2. Click directly on the heading or accordion to reveal the data fields. Data can be entered or edited and saved. This principal applied to all the fields under these tabs.