Systems Requirements

There is no software to install when you use Plus 1% and it is available anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. Plus 1% is constantly evolving with improvements taking place all the time. There is no need to upgrade or install new updates. The AMO hosts the software and associated databases in a premium grade hosting environment so no need to worry about systems backups – it’s all done for you in a highly secure cloud environment.

Recommended Browser

For best results we recommend you use the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge as your web browser. You can use other browsers but Plus 1% has been tested to work best on these web browsers. Plus 1% can be used on an ipad but it is not configured to work on mobile phone screens.

Use MS Office with Excel and Adobe PDF Reader

We recommended you use Microsoft Office Suite 2007 or higher. Plus 1% can export reports into Excel in CSV format. Plus 1% also exports some reports into PDF formats.

Check your screen settings

To make sure that Plus 1% displays properly on your screen i.e. it fits onto your screen and has readable text and buttons, set your screen resolution to a minimum of 1024 x 768.

Allow Pop-ups From this Site

Plus 1% has a number of pop-up screens and your browser can block these.   Please ensure you enable pop-ups for this site in your browser settings.

Check your internet connection

Plus 1% is not accessible if you are not on the internet.