Creating Organisations

Search for Organisation

  1. Click ‘Contacts’ top tab
  2. Click ‘Organisations’  
  3. Type any part of the organisation name in the ‘Organisation Name’ field to bring back a specific organisation and click search
  4. Organisations with that name or part of that name will appear in a list
  5. Organisations can be deleted from here
  6. New Organisations can be added from this screen. If Organisation is not found and you want to add it then Click on ‘Add New Organisation’

Enter Organisation Details

  1. Enter all details available for the organisation
  2. Click ‘Save’

Organisation Details Specifics:

  • Organisation Name: Compulsory. Type full name
  • Email: Use general info email if available
  • Address: Select address type & enter other details (up to two)
  • Phone Number: Select phone number type, enter country code (eg. UK 44) & enter remainder of phone number. Select one phone number as primary type

Adding More Data for an Organisation

  1. After adding an Organisation you then have more fields available when you click on the organisation from the list and open the Organisation Dialog box.
  2. This includes associating people with the organisation