Once you have your data in Plus 1% you might then consider integrating limited amounts with your organisations website or other public facing applications like Facebook or an app. This data is generally restricted to athlete results, biographical profiles and medal tables.

Data can be extracted from Plus 1% using .csv and .xls files but these become out of date as soon as the data is extracted which can result in inaccurate information if changes or updates are made in Plus 1%, especially at Games time when results are constantly being updated. The AMO offers 2 options to have data in real time extracted from the database:

  • an xml data feed
  • IFrame

In both these circumstances the data is immediately updated in the xml data feed or on the iframe meaning your results data and athlete profiles on any public facing page under your management can be up to date and accurate.

In this section you can learn about how to access and run the xml data feeds and iframe solutions.