Subscribing to a Games

One of the features of Plus 1% is the ability for clients to subscribe to various types of Games, such as the Olympic Summer Games or the European Games as examples, which then automatically provides you with access to all the Games associated with this type – both past, current and future for that Games Type.

Plus 1% ‘Master’ is controlled by the AMO as a service and will setup each Games with the core data that all clients require such as opening and closing ceremony dates, village dates, sports and disciplines, events, country lists and all the associated codes as examples. This means you will always have the latest data on future Games your organisation subscribes to.

When we establish a Plus 1% database for clients the AMO will setup the Games Type subscriptions. Additional Games Types can be subscribed to if required.

Here are some examples of the current Games type we have setup:

  1. Olympic Summer Games
  2. Olympic Winter Games
  3. Olympic Youth Games (summer)
  4. Olympic Youth Games (winter)
  5. ANOC Beach Games
  6. Paralympic Summer Games
  7. Paralympic Winter Games
  8. Commonwealth Games
  9. Commonwealth Youth Games
  10. Island Games
  11. Pacific Games
  12. Pacific Mini Games
  13. Australian Olympic Youth Festival
  14. Pan American Games
  15. Pan American Para Games
  16. Central American and Caribbean Games
  17. Asian Games
  18. Asian Youth Games
  19. Asian Beach Games
  20. Asian Martial Arts and Indoor Games
  21. Asian Winter Games
  22. Asian Winter Youth Games
  23. South East Asian Games (SEA Games)
  24. South Asian Games
  25. South Asian Beach Games
  26. Islamic Solidarity Games
  27. Lusophony Games
  28. Francaphone Games
  29. World Games
  30. Afro-Asian Games
  31. Indian Ocean Island Games
  32. CJSOI Games
  33. African Games
  34. African Youth Games
  35. Zone 6 Games
  36. European Youth Festival (summer)
  37. European Youth Festival (winter)
  38. European Games
  39. Mediterranean Games
  40. Games of the Small States of Europe
  41. Universiade Summer Games
  42. Universiade Winter Games