Submission Reports

The first step is to build the report required for the submission to the Organising Committee. For the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, the report will most probably be automatically built for you so that it aligns with the submission template provided by the OC. (When you click the dropdown box of Report Type and Report, you will see the ones that have been built for you).You can adjust these reports if you want in the report builder. Other reports for smaller Games such as Youth Games can be built by users and the following will guide you through how to do this.

Setting Up Your Accreditation Submission Report

The first step is to build your report under the “Submission” tab in “Report Writer” Menu as you would with any other report. It is important to use the “Submission” tab as this will enable you to link to the Accreditation module. Save the report and make it match the template submission report from the OC as best you can.

Attached the Submission Report to the Games

  1. Go to Games Setup in Team
  2. In the Details Tab click on the Edit
  1. Under Report Type choose Accreditation – Generic
  2. Under Report choose the report you have built for this Games
  3. Click Save

Accreditation Submission

  1. Go to the Accreditation Module
  2. Use Selection Status to activate the report. You must have people in the grid to get the download to work and this happens by choosing a Selection Status.
  3. Data will then appear, use the filters to define the list for accreditation submission.
  4. Once the Report has been linked to the particular Games, the Accreditation Submission link on the Accreditation page will be activated. If it is not, then the report has not been linked correctly and you need to go back to the steps above.

Also, you will need to allocated the correct Accreditation Categories and Designations that exactly match the OCs codes and names.

The data will be downloaded into a csv file and opened in MS Excel. Adjust the downloaded file to align the columns with the submission report then simply cut and paste from the downloaded spreadsheet into the OCs MS Excel template.

At the same time you can also extract your accreditation photos and passport images using the Zip Image link next to the Accreditation Submission Report.