How the Accreditation Module Works

Establishing your Long List comes from ‘Adding Team Members’ to a Games and providing them with a Games Function, Selection Status (and sport if applicable). Once you have added athletes and officials to the ‘Long List’ you can manage their accreditation from the ‘Accreditation Module’.

Accreditation Module Overview

  1. Click on top menu ‘Team’
  2. Click on menu ‘Accreditation’
  3. For team members to appear on the page you MUST select a Selection Status from the drop down box.
  4. You can select more than one selection status using the multi-select box

Searching Team Members

To search use the fields that will be displayed across the top (in grey) include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Function 
  • Selection Status
  • Sport
  • Category
  • Designation
  • Access
  • Rotation

You can search two ways:

  1. Select one field from the drop down
  2. Select the multi-select tool ‘…’ and select more than one field

REMINDER: For any data to appear, you MUST select a Selection Status from the drop down box.

Updating Fields for Multiple Team Members at Once

To save time you can update multiple fields for multiple team members at the same time.

  1. Update the ‘Fields’ from the drop downs beside each Team Member and allocate the designation and category. Please note you must add both a category and designation to save the data.
  2. Click ‘ Update All’ to save all the changes.

Double Click or Drag and Drop into the “Card”

You can also manage an individual team member settings, simply by double clicking on a name or by dragging the persons name into the top half of the screen (into the Accreditation Card).

You will now be able to view their Accreditation photo, their sport, category & designation, and venue access. If you are adding a category it is mandatory that you also add the designation and vice versa.

Manipulate the Grid & Grid Layout

Manipulate the Grid & Grid Layout

1. You can make columns smaller or wider simply by moving the cursor in between columns until the line appears and dragging to the appropriate width (just like excel)

2. You can also re-arrange the order in which the columns are displayed. Simply click and drag the column to where you would like it displayed and drop

Once you’ve manipulated the grid to be displayed the way you want, you can save the Grid Layout

You can also change the columns that are displayed in the grid. 
1. Click ‘Define Columns’ (bottom left)

Tick/Untick the fields that you want to be displayed in the columns. 
Click Save.

Toggle Paging

Toggle Paging

Clicking ‘Toggle Paging’ located in the bottom left simply puts all team members on ONE PAGE (if your long list is longer than one page on the screen).