Systems Updates

The development of the Plus1% software is constantly occurring. This might be the addition of a new feature, an improvement to an existing module or resolving a problem identified through our issue tracking software. The software is updated on a regular basis but only after the appropriate testing has been performed.

Releasing software however comes with risks. The AMO seeks to minimise those risks in a number of ways by releasing smaller changes on a regularly basis. This makes it much easier to see what’s changed. If something goes wrong it’s much simpler to undo and roll back to the previous version. As well as reducing risk, releasing regularly and often also helps improve quickly rather than long time delays to fix an issue.

Our releases are generally done on Monday afternoon Sydney time and this can see Plus1% taken off line for a couple of minutes when this occurs.

Test Systems Updates

The Plus1% test platforms enable us to release the software changes and upgrades into an environment for user acceptance testing. The databases in our test environment are updated from live data on a regular basis but it often not not match the live database.

The URL for Plus1% test sites is and for the Portal is