Giving Portal Access – Creating Users

Access to the portal can be given to team members for entering their own personal details directly into Zeus. Individual team members can NOT see the details of others through the portal however Sport Managers and/or National Sport Federation administrators who need to enter details on behalf of their team, they can access the My Team functionality in the Portal.

IMPORTANT: Each team member should have a unique email in order to access to the portal.

Sending Out Access Emails

Sending Out Access Emails

  1. Click ‘ Portal’ in the top menu and then Notification
  1. Use the search features to find the list of team members you want and click search. NOTE: In order to add people as Team Members this must be done before they will appear on the serach.
  2. Tick the box beside individual team members you want to make users or tick the ‘Select All’ box. IMPORTANT: There is a email limit of 100. So you must ensure that you select less than 100 team members each time you create users.
  3. Write the ‘Subject’ for the email that the team members will receive
  4. Write any ‘Text’ you would like to be included above the standard text of the email
  5. Click ‘Send Email’

Standard Email Content

The content above will be included in each each.  The email will always start with ‘Hello Athlete Name’ and the login details will be at the bottom of each email sent to users below the customized text with the appropriate user name, password and website URL.

If the team members email in Plus1% is the same as the email they use for their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts then they will be able to login using this email.

Monitoring Emails Sent

  1. Next to the Find Athlete tab is the Email Report which gives you valuable data about the email you just sent giving access to the Portal.
  2. This report tells you if the email was opened and the number of times it was clicked. Please note this data is not always 100% accurate as some devices block sending the data back to our email tracker but it gives you a guide on whether an email was opened and the link clicked.