Outfitting is an essential part of sending a Team to a Games and plays a very important role in creating unity and national pride. Administrators are often challenged to meet athlete expectations when outfitting their teams. Some of the issues administrators face include;

  • collecting garment sizes and/or measurements from team members
  • timing of orders versus final selection of team members
  • the amount of overage or extra garments to order
  • the actual size of the garments delivered are different to order samples
  • matching garments ordered to the sizes required
  • how to pick and pack garments for distribution to athletes
  • controlling stock, exchanges and swaps
  • how to minimise costs

No matter the team size or the amount of clothing, the fundamental process for administrators is virtually the same. You must choose a supplier, choose the garments to be ordered, receive sizing from team members, order the clothing, receive the clothing and then have it distributed. For some administrators the timing of the above might be slightly different but the end goal is to have team members wearing a uniform that they feel proud of, that fits and feels great and the process for achieving this went smoothly and most importantly was enjoyable.

In this section you will learn how to use Plus 1% to manage this process in a much simpler manner. Plus 1% allows administrators to build a kitbag that enables team members to enter their own sizing and measurements or for a team manager to be responsible for their respective team’s sizing. Alternatively the administrator can enter athlete sizes when collected at an outfitting or sizing session from the sample garments or it might be combination of all of the above.