Adding a Team Member

This lesson shows you how to add a contact from your database onto a Games Team. Remember, Plus1% allows you to work on multiple Games, so contacts which have competed for your country in past Games may have already been entered in Plus1%. It is therefore a matter of adding these existing contacts to a new Games Team. If they are new (not a contact already) you can add them as a Team Member and they will automatically be added as a contact.

Search Existing Team Members in Games

  1. Go to the Games you want to add a team member to
  2. Go to the team search screen
  3. Click Add Team Member

Search the Database for Existing Contact – Avoid Duplicates

  1. Click the ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon
  2. Type part of the team members name and Click ‘Search’
  3. If the person is in the database their name will appear – click the name and this will populate the Team Member Qucik Entry page enable you to add them to this team.

IMPORTANT: This step is the most important to ensure that duplicate contact entries are not added to the database.

OPTION 1: If Contact Exist in Database the fields will be populated with existing data

  1. Data will be populated if the contact exists
  2. Enter the mandatory fields of selection status and function and save – this will add the person into the team.

You can also add the person into their sport at this stage.

OPTION 2: If Contact Does Not Exist

  1. Enter core data – name, date of birth, gender and email.
  2. Enter mandatory Games data – Selection Status and Function – we strong recommend you add them to a sport if known at this stage.
  3. Click ‘Save’ – they will be added to the team. Do not add them again!

Once you add a new Team Member they are automatically added as a ‘Contact’.