Finding the Portal

Portal Website Addresses

Access to the sites can be found at the url with the formats below.  Replace the XXX with your 3 letters country code used by the IOC & CGF.







Once you reach the login page of the portal, team members will access the site with a username and password that will have been sent to them by your organisations system administrator – click here for instructions on how to send out access emails. They also have the new option of signing in using social media. Logging in through social media is only possible if the email on their social media account exactly matches the one in Zeus.

Login Options

Login Options

Team Members with receive an email that gives them access to the portal.

  1. User Name & Password: Click on the website URL and then enter the user name and password provided in the email
  2. Social Media: Click on the link and allow access to your social media account

Selecting Your Games

Selecting Your Games

Click directly on the logo for the Games you wish to enter information for or administer.

If you only have access to one Games this page will not appear and you will be sent directly to the Welcome page.  

Once you select a games both the admin tools and the front end can be seen,.  Admin tools can be accessed by the banner at the top of the page.

Forgotten Password

Forgotten Password

  1. On the log in page click the ‘Forgotten Your Password’ link
  2. Enter the ‘Email Address’ that is used in Zeus
  3. Press ‘OK’

An email with your user name and password will be sent to your email address.