Photo Management

As part of the Accreditation process, you will generally be asked to submit an accreditaion photo of each participant to the Organising Committee of the Games. Plus1% allows you upload and store accreditation, profile and passport images and then extract them via a zip file when it is time for them to be sent to the Organising Committee.

Accreditation Photos can be uploaded in 4 ways:

  1. By Team Members using the Portal
  2. By Managers using the Portal on behalf of team members using My Team
  3. Via Plus1% Administrators via Team Search and then on the Accreditation Tab in the dialog box
  4. Via Plus1% Administrators via the Accreditaion Module

Accreditaion, Profile and Passport uploads can all be downloaded into zip files in the Accreditation Module – see Extracting Accreditaion and Passport Images

The first step in the process is to set the photo file names

Setting Photo File Names

1. To set the photo file name go to Team and then Photo File Name

Depending on how the OC has asked for the photos to be submitted and named, you will enter that information into the field (or fields). For example, if the OC would like LastName_PassportNo (eg. Doe_67891011.jpg) when the photo is sent you would select LastName from the dropdown box in Field 1, place an underscore in the box and then select PassportNo from the dropdown box in Field 2 and then ‘.jpg’ in the box.

There are also options for handbook photos and passport scans.

Handbook Photos may be requested from the OC or within your own CGA/NOC. Handbook photos are less formal and are usually used for media activities. Similar to the Accreditation photo simply:

  1. Select an option from the dropdown box in Field 1
  2. Place an underscore (or a form of separation from Field 2)
  3. Select a an option for Field 2
  4. Don’t forget to add ‘.jpg’ once you have named the photo file appropriately.
  5. Click save to save these settimg for this Games

Passport Scans can also be saved with the same photo file name. This is useful if you want to extract a zipfile of all your passport scans for office staff or Chef De Missions.

Check File Ratio for Games

The Accreditaion Image Ratio is general set at the Master level for each Games. The Ratio can be found on the Games set page under the details tab. The ratio allows Team Members using the Portal to set the correct ratio on the image they have uploaded. For example most passport photos are 3.5 x 4.5 which gives a ratio of .7778

***If the file ratio is not right you must email who will set it to the correcrt rartio for this Games.

Uploading a Photo to a Team Member

To upload a photo to a specific team member: 

  1. Click Team Search
  2. Type in the name of the team member you wish to upload a photo to or filter to bring up a sport. 
  3. Click on the Team Members Name

  1. The system will return with a dialog box or the team member’s record.
  2. Click on the tab labelled Accreditaion
  3. Open the Accordion labelled Photo and you see the Accreditaion and Handbook upload tool. If an image has been upload it will appear. In the example above a Silhouette has been uploaded to the accreditaion photo.
  4. The latest Accreditaion image can be brought forward by clicking on the Use Latest button.

Navigate to the Accreditation Module

  1. Find a contact and double click the name
  1. The person will now appear in the top panel
  2. You can add in image or bring forward the latest image
  3. You can also edit the image and use the cropping tool

Crop Photo

  1. Select the area to crop – the crop will be the ratio set in Games Setup in the details tab