Adding New Contacts

Search for Contact

Search for Contact


  1. Click ‘Contacts’ top tab, go the Individuals links and this will bring up the Contact Search screen where you will be able to add a new contact into the database


Contact Search and Add Contact

Contact Search and Add Contact


Before clicking on the Add Contact it is always good to check if the contact already exists in the database. Do this by add the name into the Name field and searching.

If you are happy the contact doesn’t exist then click the Add Contact button.

Enter Personal Details in Quick Entry Screen

Enter Personal Details in Quick Entry Screen


  1. First name and Last Name are compulsory and must be included to add contact.
  2. Click ‘Save’ to create a new contact

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that no contact be added without a unique email address.

Personal Details Specifics:

  • Email: Select email type from drop down & enter email address. Select primary by clicking the circle to the right
  • Address: Select address type & enter other details
  • Phone Number: Select phone number type, enter country code (eg. UK 44) & enter remainder of phone number. Select one phone number as primary

Avoiding Duplicate Entries

It is important to ensure you don’t add contacts that already exist.  The system also double checks names and emails to ensure the contact doesn’t already exist.  If you enter a first name and last name or an email address that already exists in the database a message will be displayed.  To determine if the contact the system found is the same one you are inputting follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘OK’ in the pop up window
  2. Review the list of contacts provided
  • If the contact is in the list – click directly on the contact name and you can update the details
  • If the contact is different from the list – click ‘Cancel’ and continue to input

Removing Duplicate Entries

Duplicate entries can be removed using the Merge Tool