Athlete Profile Iframe

An iframe is available for each Games to display your athletes.  To get access to your specific profiles please contact

Below are the instructions on how to edit and manage your profiles.

Mandatory Fields

Mandatory Fields

In order for your athletes to show up in the iframe the following fields needs to be completed as below:

  • Selection Status: Selected
  • Function: Athlete
  • Sport: Must be selected
  • Event: Must be entered in an event

Adding Athletes into Individual Events

Adding Athletes to a Team Event

Other Profile Fields

Other Profile Fields

Other fields that will be displayed are:

  • Athlete Photo
  • Place of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Profile Bio (Paragraph)
  • Results (If available)

Managing Athlete Photos

The iframe will first pull the handbook photo to display however if no handbook photo is uploaded it will pull the accreditation photo.

Photo Management

IMPORTANT: Photos must be uploaded with the same dimensions to ensure consistency in how they display.

Managing Birth Place & Birth

Managing Birth Place & Birth

These two fields are pulled from the ‘Personal’ tab in the athletes profile.

Managing Profile Bio

Managing Profile Bio
  1. Click on ‘Flame’ icon beside athlete name on team search page
  2. Click on ‘Arrow’ icon to add, edit or delete a bio