Update Personal Details

The Personal tab / card contains personal data such as date of birth, gender, passport, disability, family, next of kin, residence and financial details.

Editing Details

  1. Click on the tab ‘Personal’ to disclose the person accordions
  2. Accordions will show some (not all) key data on the heading such as the date of birth or the gender
  3. Click directly an accordion to disclose the data fields, where multiple entries can be made such as 2 passports then click on the add button.
  4. Enter Data, compulsory fields are marked with an *
  5. Click save to add the data into the database

Passport Details

It is recommended that all fields are completed for every passport and then click ‘Save’

  • Passport Number: Identification number of the document
  • Given Name(s): Usually the first two names in the passport
  • Family Name: Last name as per passport
  • Country as per Passport: The country for which the Team Members hold a passport
  • Place of Issue: The city in which the passport was printed/issued
  • Country of Issue: The country in which the passport was printd/issued
  • Place of Birth: City of birth as per passport
  • Passport Issued: Date passport was issued
  • Passport Expiry: Date passport will expire
  • Passport Scan: Document must be in pdf format
  • Document Type: Select which type of document
  • Primary: Tick the box if this document is their current and primary passport for accreditation purposes.