Updating Outfitting Data

  1. Find the person you want to update under Team search
  2. Click on their name to open the dialog box

Updating Measurements

  1. Measurements can be found under the Outfitting Tab on the dialog box
  2. Measurement data can be added
  3. Click Save
  4. The measurement diagram is gender specific and can be adjusted in Games Setup > Measurements

Updating Garment Sizes

Once you are in the Team Member’s dialog box:

  1. Click on Outfitting and then Kitbag
  2. Select ‘Size’ from dropdown
  3. Enter any ‘Alterations’ needed
  4. Enter any Notes
  5. Click ‘Save’

Outfitting Allocation Status, Outfitting Sessions, Outfitting Levels

  1. Outfitting allocation status, Outfitting Session and Levels can be found under Outfitting in the dialog box
  2. Outfitting Allocation Status can be set here and it allows you to have a status for each person. An example for use might be to filter out the long list when making the uniform order or to hold kit bags to ensure you don’t get first in best dressed with athletes who did not provide their garment sizes by the deadline.
  3. Outfitting session can be allocated here. This allows to you assign an outfitting session time and date to athletes for being sized and to try garments on.