You can add measurements in Zeus which will allow team members to fill out details to ensure their team uniform and gear fits properly. The measurement list can be as simple (chest, waist, hips) or as lengthy (collar, shoulder, armhole etc.) as you wish. A great feature in measurements is that the data is kept from Games to Games, so team members do not need to re-enter the information (unless it changes). 

When you add measurements into the system, they do not automatically appear in every Games. This is due to the fact that you may ask for different measurements in different Games based on the gear you are providing. As a result, you must set them up accordingly in ‘Games Set-Up’.

Creating Measurements

Creating Measurements

  1. Click on top menu ‘Games’
  2. Left menu ‘Outfitting’
  3. Left menu ‘Measurement’.

The ‘Measurement List Maintenance’ page will appear.

  1. ADD: Click on ‘+Add Item’
  2. EDIT: Click directly on name
  3. DELETE: Click on ‘X’
  4. IMAGE UPLOAD: Click on Browse, find picture and press Save

  1. Type name of the ‘Measurement’
  2. Create a description for the indicated measurement
  3. Indicate the Units in which the measurement will be recorded (i.e. inches or centimetres)
  4. Tick the box that indicates the gender of the measurement
  5. Input a number for the display order
  6. Click ‘Save’

‪Measurements: Games Set-Up‬

Once you have created the Measurements, they do not automatically appear in each Games. You are required to set them up specifically to the Games you are currently working in.

  1. Ensure you are in the right Games in which you wish to set up the measurements
  2. Click on left menu ‘Games Set-Up’
  3. In the page, click on the ‘Measurements’ tab
  4. Click on the ‘+ Maintain Games Measurements’

  1. Click the tick boxes to specify the measurements that you would like to apply to the particular Games
  2. You can also upload an image of a female and male figure so team members can match the measurement to the portion of the body
  3. Click ‘Save’

‪Where do Measurements Appear?‬

‪Where do Measurements Appear?‬

Now that you have set up the Measurements, you may be wondering where to find them in order to populate the data. They will appear in the ‘Portal’ for Team Members to update. For administrators to enter details:

  1. Click left tab ‘Personal’
  2. Click ‘Measurement’ tab