Plus 1% has full contact relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Contacts are individual people who have been added to the database as a contact. Plus 1% can be used as a mechanism for maintaining all of your organisational contacts. Contacts can be anyone your organisation might communicate with, including athletes, coaches, schools, Government officials, sponsors, media and national sport federations.

Contacts might not be a member of a Games Team in order to be in your database. Contacts can be anyone your organisation does business with or you want to keep contact details for.

Contacts can be grouped and sub-grouped and enables the capturing of key details. Some of the groups of people that multi-sport organisations might consider having are;

  • National Sporting Federations
  • Games Organising Committees
  • Sponsors
  • Media
  • Commissions and Committees
  • Alumni

Contacts can also be associated with specific organisations such as national sport federations. The most common example would be sporting federations eg. Swimming Association of Canada or Athletics Federation of Barbados. For details about managing and adding organisations, see the section on Organisations.