The purpose of Accreditation is register and identify all persons involved in the Games with the Organising Committee (OC). It provides the necessary access to venues, transport and facilities to enable the participant to perform his or her role. Accreditation ensures that only qualified and eligible people are entitled to participate in and perform their official functions at the Games.

It limits a participant’s access to only those areas needed to perform their function, allowing the venue to function securely, efficiently and effectively. In some circumstances the accreditation card may also serve as an official document that, when presented together with the passport of the holder, authorises entry into the host country.

Accreditation is the process that must be followed to registering your delegation, including athletes, officials, guests, VIPs and others with the OC. You must ensure that;

  • All the various rules and regulations of the event owner and the OC are observed
  • Team Members are allocated the appropriate venue access to enable them to effectively complete their Games time roles.
  • Where applicable, Non-Valid Passes are distributed to Team Members and others in a timely manner as it sometimes acts as the entry visa into the host country
  • Data is collected and transferred in the correct format to meet the OC deadlines
  • Allocations are made to provide appropriate support to Athletes

The end result of the accreditation process is the delivery of an accreditation card to eligible and authorised individuals that identifies the holder and enables access and/or other privileges needed to perform the holder’s function.

In this section you will learn how to set-up Plus 1% to manage all your accreditation data and the collection of that data from your prospective team members.