The Plus 1% Portal is a separate interface that has been specifically designed for the:

  • capture of data (forms)
  • sharing of information with athletes, officials and others (information share)
  • signing of on-line agreements (agreements)
  • My Team (access for National Sport Federations to their teams data)

In other words, it is the ‘front of house’ system for use by the ‘customers’ e.g. athletes and officials. In this section administrator can learn how to set-up, configure and use the portal for the sharing and collection of data directly with your athletes and team members. No more paper forms, word documents or excel spreadsheets that require many hours of copy and paste for administrators to get into the right format.

The Portal enables administrators to design specific data forms for each Games which means you can tailor your data collection needs from one Games to another.  The data is submitted directly into your database by athletes and officials when they click save on their data form.