Garment Types‬

When setting up a Garment, you are required to indicate the type of Garment that it will be. You are able to control this list of Garment Types (which appears in a dropdown box in Garment maintenance). Once you have entered the Garment Types, they will appear in all Games so you are only required to create the Garment Types once.

Learn how to manage the Garment Types by following the screen steps below:

How to control Garment Types

  1. Click on Tab ‘Garment type’.
  2. The ‘Garment Type’ Maintenance page will appear. To add a Garment Type click the Add Item

Add a Garment Type

  1. To add a new Garment Type follow the steps in the previous step and then click the ‘+Add Garment Type’.
  2. Fill in the ‘Garment Type’ (i.e. Bottoms, Tops, Accessories). Tick the boxes that indicate what portion of the body will be covered by this garment (i.e. Jackets would be Upper Body Outer)
  3. Then click ‘Save’.
  4. Click on the ‘Garment Type’ you wish to edit.
  5. To delete, click the trash can

Note** Once you have filled in the Garment Types, they will transfer to other Games, so you are only required to do this once.