Access to Plus1%

All organisations that license the the Plus 1% Team software are invited to become Members of the AMO. As a Member, organisations are given the opportunity to have direct influence in the way the AMO seeks to achieve its business objectives.

Benefits of AMO Membership include:

  • Determining the business direction of the AMO
  • Providing feedback to influence the decisions and development strategies for the Plus 1% software
  • Accessing the sport professionals collaborative knowledge sharing network
  • Attending the bi-annual Conference
  • Attending the AMO General Meeting
  • Nominating representatives for appointment to the Governance Group
  • Voting in the election of the Governance Group and Chairperson
  • Proposing amendments to the AMO Statutes
  • Approving Membership fees
  • Reviewing and approving the Annual Report, Annual Accounts and Auditor’s Report

In effect the Members ‘own’ the AMO and in turn the AMO owns and manages the Plus 1% software