What is +1%

Plus 1% is an online cloud platform that supports National Olympic Committees (NOCs), National Paralympic Committees (NPCs), Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) and other multi-sport, multi-team organisations manage their athletes data for multi-sport events such as the Olympic, Paralympic, Asian, Pan-American, European, African, Pacific and Commonwealth Games.  

The Plus 1% system provides a standardised approach to athlete data management and gives users access to not only the software but the very best practices from leading multi-sport organisations such as NOCs/CGAs/NPCs from around the world. Instead of reinventing the wheel for every event or losing valuable knowledge when staff and volunteers move on, an organisation’s data will be safely stored in a highly secure environment that always remains the property of the NOC/CGA/NPC.

Plus 1%, in its simplest form, is an online database system. However Plus 1% is far more than just a database – its is knowledge network of administrators seeking to find the best solution for the complex solutions required by their multi-sport organisation. The network has well over 100 years of combined experience in athlete data management to multi-sport events.

Plus 1% does not require the installation of any special software or downloads; all that is required is an internet browser.

The system is multi-lingual. The Plus 1% system provides a tool for NOC/CGA/NPC administrators to manage all their athlete data requirements to any multi-sport event they may be attending in one system. It eliminates the need for storing data on multiple excel files, word documents or other database systems that become obsolete or lost when computer hard drives crash or become infected with viruses.

The system will allow users to choose which Games they intend to participate in e.g. Summer Olympic Youth Games and African Games. Plus 1% will then setup and make available all future Summer Olympic Youth Games and African Youth Games sites (and any other Games types they have chosen) just to that user with all the relevant information for those Games.