Setting up Categories & Designations

Once you have received the Accreditation Manual from the OC and read it thoroughly, you can easily setup your Plus1% database to match the Accreditation requirements and fields of the Games.

Selecting the Games

First, ensure you are working in the right Games based on the Accreditation Manual.


Based on the Accreditation Manual, the OC will provide Categories, Designations, Designation Codes, and Venue Access Codes. These codes will be displayed on the individuals’ Accreditation Card. (Each OC will have their OWN respective set of codes).

To setup the codes in Zeus:

  1. Click top menu ‘Team’.
  2. Click left side menu ‘Games Setup’.
  3. You will see the tabs ‘Acess, ‘Category’ and ‘Designation’
  4. Click ‘the Add’ to add fields

Adding, Editing & Deleting

  1. Click ‘+Add Category’ to add one
  2. Click directly on the name to edit
  3. Click the trash can to delete

Designation Fields

  1. Add the ‘Designation’ (based on the Accreditation Manual from the OC)
  2. Add the ‘Designation Code’ (based on the Accreditation Manual from the OC)
  3. Ensure you put a number in the display order
  4. Click ‘Save’

Repeat until all Designations and Codes are entered into the system.